Thursday, 29 April 2010

The lure of gaming

I just thought I would spend this time and comment about how it is so easy to become so engrossed into a game. I suppose playing game in one respect can remove us from reality, honestly I don't the amount of times I've been playing a game and the day just went away, I suppose its all about completing objectives within a game or finishing a story line that makes people want to play games so much. I find it hard to believe that there was such huge interest in older games, but I suppose at the time pacman was like what any modern game is like to us, interest in something new is always the thing that drives people to want to play games and so that is why the industry has become what it is today.
As a game artist I suppose I shouldn't be as interested in gaming anymore, because my life now revolves around me creating games, playing them should really bore me and perhaps annoy me in certain ways, saying that though I really don't know. I've always been interested in games ever since my 7th birthday, but as to whether the novelty will wear off only time will tell. I think it will be more interesting creating the game playing it and saying yeah I made that but I have to make it to that point first!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Constructive critism.... High praise Wk 24

So the final blog in the tasks is that of feedback.

Well what can I say, it has been a good year and i know for a fact that I have certainly improved in that of the 2d area and I have learnt new skills in 3d, truthfully I would ask for more feedback within the blogging area and that of the 3d arwa, its fair enough we get feedback from formative and peer assessment but I have noticed that there has been a lack of any major criticism. Yes i do put my work on facebook, but no ever ever really comment on it, perhaps that means there's nothing wrong with it, but I know for a fact that, that isn't true.

I don't really raise any concerns about the trips involved, maybe trips further afield could be good though, and I do mean trips organised by the teachers with them providing us with a way to get there, cost wouldn't be that much of an issue as long as it wasn't over £30-£40. Leicester is awesome and it does offer a multitude of different interesting places to draw at but I really wouldn't mind seeing other places of interest as it were.

Finally I would like to see and hear more feedback from the actual teachers, I haven't had one comment on my blog other than some random spanish madeline Mc Cann group not good feedback for my studies really. It just concerns me because I need feedback to improve my work.

That's it I hope I return next year Farewell for now :D