Wednesday, 9 December 2009

My past inspirations

Ok so its all well and good us being here and conforming with the course but I think I should take the time to talk about my past inspirations toward the artistic area.

There are many different artists throughout my lifetime that have inspired me, lots of expressionistic and abstract paintings influenced my fine art throughout GCSE and A-levels.

Wassilly Kandinsky was a main inspiration, because of his colourful paintings, the use of geometrical shapes in his art work also provided me inspiration for quite a few of my past projects. Gustav Klimpt was the main influence for my final piece in my A-level submission, his use of colour and the way he applied paint to the canvas was good.

More centred toward the art work that influences me on this course is that of Ashley Wood, he worked on Metal Gear Solid and did work for the games and in the graphic novels. His loose painting style and the way he applys colour, he seems to have a very conceptual style and the way he approaches a painting is very "sketchy" but it in my opinion it is very effective.

Another artist that have appealed to me in the past are that of Monet, his paintings are blotchy and don't particularly look good close up, there more the sort of painting that you look at from far away and come into focus the closer up you get to them. He used alot of vibrant colours which made his work interesting and inspiring, he also worked relatively loose within his paintings which gave the pictures a stronger sense of depth and movement.

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