Monday, 15 February 2010

Gaming Cultures Wk16

I suppose games culture has taken on many different forms within the last ten years.

Online gaming opens up the whole gaming experience merely because you can talk to people in a different country, and although all people ever do online is shout and curse at you there is still a sublime difference from the days of old... All you did back in the day was sit nicely in your arm chair scaling the heights of different computer games and having that nice little sense of achievement, but now your sense of achievement comes from kicking down that whiney 12 year old American kid playing call of duty :D

Previously I have seen that games are integrating themselves into television and cinema.... I watched an episode of the Big bang Theory (which I know is geeky) and they used a sort of virtual world in which they played a game similar to that of WOW, the not soo geeky character (the woman) became immersed into the game. I suppose this can reflect that of actual life as some people do become obsessed by game worlds. Another television programme that used gaming in their show was CSI, Second life was used in an assassination plot. CSI is fictional , but the gaming cultures used in this way can show how easy getting to know someone online could be, gaming culture is sometimes perhaps too social and maybe even dangerous within that thin line of reality and fiction. The new addition of 3D within the cinema could possibly be linked to that of gaming, the viewer wants a more immersive and realistic experience from watching films and even football, just makes me wonder if gaming actually influenced any of the advancements made in the gaming sector.
I know for a fact that gaming perhaps makes more people trusting online, take for instance youself playing on a game and you get talking to some nice american chap, (one of the ones that doesn't annoy you!!) the game ends and you accept their friend request merely because you had a laugh with them and all though you don't know them you would still talk to them because you had a good time with them online, It's sort of naive but you do it anyway because its social and you won't really loose anything from doing it.

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