Saturday, 13 March 2010

Game Engines Wk 17

Game engines..... Well I will be a 100% straight I actually don't have any clue about them!!!
SO from the mysteries of general knowledge here is what I can decipher!!! Game engines are basically the physics and everything the game does... Its how the game works the way it moves breathes and works.
Thats it basically, this is my general knowledge.... Lets consult other websites shall we???

So game engines is the software in which games are developed, most game engines have a specific amount of compatibility with other platforms once the game is made for a specific platform. Basically the once the game is made through a game engine it can be played on different platforms because of the engines it was made from, for instance multi-platform games for xbox 360 and ps3. Game engines put 3d objects into 3d environments also render the entire scene by utilizing in game graphics.
I suppose there are certain limitations with proprietary technology, the technology might not do what you want it to when you make things within the game engine, there may be issues with the way materials render within the engine, it might not feel right because of the way object are made or even the way the are lit or set out. Many advantages to using the technology available is that a whole 3d environment can be developed very quickly, objects can be inserted into the game engine simply enough. Further advantages are that you don't actually have to make the game engine yourself, everything is in place for you already meaning you don't have to worry about things like physics or even pre-set objects.

This needs more thought.... another time....

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