Sunday, 21 March 2010

Creativity (again!) Wk20

Ok it's time for another grand talk on creativity!! So here we go!

How can you define creativity? Reflecting back on a wednesday morning lecture Mike went through multiple ways creativity can be defined, my personal favourite was the football player analogy, (merely because i'm mental on football) a football player can be classed as creative because of his overall skill, the vision he uses on the pitch, the way the ball is passed to his respective players.

Truly creative people have to have multiple skills within their own working environment, yes things can be seen as creative because we are using creative skills to make certain things happen or produce something we class as valued, but truly creative people usually have a hunger to rpoduce and create as many things as possible. Leanardo Da Vinci was one of these people, he always had a hunger to produce art which explained things, but it was noticable that he never really wanted to stop producing work and that he was hungry to move onto another piece of work after finishing a previous piece.

Creativity is a mixture of the mind and body, more so the mind is involved in creativity because creativity take more thought than movement to produce... (all depending on the type of creativity) musicians would take more time to compose a piece of music than they would actually playing it, same as dancers would spend more time rehearsing and learning steps more than they would actually dance the routine for in a production.

Another point that was raised in the lecture was that of children and their creativity being destroyed by the school system, creativity so it is said naturally flows out of children, I myself wouldn't call it creativity I would call it growth. Yes children seem to improve whilst they grow, that come naturally though, it isn't them being creative it's more like play than it is creativity.

So how can we define creativity within the games industry? I would say that there are many different methods of creativity within the industry; I suppose the main flow of creativity is the actual outcome of a completed game, every worker within the company has put lots of effort into the game through development to shipping.

Games manifest creativity in many different different ways thinking past the actual creation of the games and the development process, games show their creativeness because of all the different elements within the game. The culmination of sound and imagery used in games sometimes reflects that of its creative qualities, when you look at a visually stunning game and the see the thought behind it you have to think about the creative effort made in its production. It's like everything we look at in games today has to be top quality and of course this is expected because of the competitiveness in the market. So the need for creative thinker within the industry will always be necessary, as creative thinkers will be needed to programme games and creative artists willl have to make the components in game and dream up wild and amazing artwork to interest the buyer.

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