Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sounds For Games Wk18

Sound in games is all but similar to that of genres in storyline, games have to sound like how they feel, if that makes sense. For instance if you look at games like "The Legend Of Zelda" game the soundtrack itself is mainly based around quest, it feels uplifting as you traverse through fields and different areas. There are subtle changes within the sounds of the game as you go through it, perhaps with the change of scenery or going into different situations. The game itself provides moments of tense situations and so the music itself changes to suit the situation suspense can be well created by the change in musical components.

The two games that for me changed the way I looked at music was the resident evil series and AVP2 on the pc. I loved the diverse subtlety from moments u were just walking around to general musical background and then out of no-where something tense would happen! The horror genre for me seems to utilize music and the used of sound in the best way, whilst playing normal sort of games heightened musical pitches does produce moments of anxiety but there not as effective as what games with horror involved can be.

Even slight heightened pitches or sudden noises in horror games can basically scare the crap out of you and well I think thats a good thing because the music and sound what its supposed to. I wish they'd have utilized this better in Alien vs Predator on the Xbox 360.

Another thing with the sound in games is that imagine how different it would be without sound in games? Imagine complete deafness in games? It would certainly present the gamer with something different, Would a lack of sound be good in games or would it be frowned upon?

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