Sunday, 21 March 2010

Where Am I going? How Do I Get There?!!! :O Wk 21

Well today i'll look at my possible future aims, I suppose this will be a very open door really.

Well like everyone else on this course I would imagine that I want to get a job in the gaming industry, it is perhaps my ultimate aim. I do tend to keep an open mind though, the more this course goes on the more complicated it seems to get, i'm not trying to say by any means that i can't hack this course but I do find things very challenging (3d especially) and again it is noticeable and true what a hallowed teachers say Keep up and manage your time!!! (words that break my lazy heart ha!)

It is noticeable to me that I prefer the 2d sort of side to game art design and although I myself do not have amazing drawing skills but it is always something that I can hone in time, perhaps conceptual art is the way forward then but time will tell. I do need to spend a lot more time practising skills and understanding shapes and forms more, this will help with overall drawing skills because that's basically what everything is shapes and forms. Photoshop is also a continual learning curve, the more time i spend on it the better I seem to get (or so i've been told)

At the moment i'm not looking much farther than that of the final hurdle on the 30th of April, I do intend to work my ass off until then and I hope I can produce enough work for then. It has sort of dawned on me within the last month that proper time management is necessary to succeed within this course, deadlines are best kept stuck to. I think it is wrong to sometimes expect perfection within our artwork, but the quality of peoples artwork certainly reflects that of future competition for jobs inside of companies, we have to work hard to achieve our goals and to become the best we can be else perhaps we aren't worth being employed....

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