Sunday, 21 March 2010

GDC errrrr Wk22

Well another topic I have limited knowledge on.... The GDC!!!!!! RAWR!! errr right

Well seeing as I didn't go to the GDC all I can really comment on is the what's on parts on the GDC homepage. A game that had a look in on the visual part of the GDC was "batman Arkham Asylum" The session covered the development of the game, and went through its realistic approach to the game. Having played the game I did find the game to be realistic in a sense that the way you roamed around as batman and traversed different heights and jumped to different objects seemed realistic. The thing that interested me more about the game was that of the darkness being batmans ally, so the lighting within the game appealed to me more, enemies couldn't see in the dark and that aspect of the game really took precedence.

I suppose Batman being taken from a comic book license it had to be stylised in some way, this of course perhaps presents a problem to the producers as they have to stick to a certain style that the comic was made in, and so any new game created would have to similar to this style, this is perhaps seen as a limitation.....

Thats all im going to write.... As I don't really know what went off because I didnt go to LA!!!! :-P

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