Thursday, 22 October 2009

2000's The Future

The Present and the Future of gaming, wow like gaming from our era!!!

Next Gen consoles such as Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii are perhaps the best consoles available to date. They have produced some of the most popular games around at this time, to emphasise this point take a popular game on the Xbox 360, namely.... Halo 3, it sold over millions of copy's and made millions of pounds and dollars from England and America respectively.

So.... it would be easy for me to talk about a multitude of games and (or) games companies that have succeeded in the gaming industry, but you already know all this so i won't bore you with such intolerable mumbling.
I will do my best to answer the questions presented on week 3's task. What do I want from gaming in the future? Well gaming in my opinion has already reached a pinnacle, i would perhaps like to see the AI in gaming improve to make games more challenging or even more realistic, there's nothing more frustrating than terrible AI in teams command sort of games like Operation Flashpoint for instance. I do implore the efforts made in certain games such as Call of Duty 4, and Flashpoint they are highly realistic for their own reasons.

I would imagine the future of gaming will probably become fully immersive giving the user the opportunity to actually become a part of the game, total virtual reality might not be out of the question but there is a question of how far should gaming and immersiveness actually go, remember all those lovely crazy people who spend a large majority of their lives on World Of Warcraft?? A world full of zombies is never good.

I own an extensive amount of games and games consoles, next gen consoles i own are the Nintendo DS, PSP, Xbox 360 and at one point i did own a Wii. The console i enjoy playing the most is the Xbox, Online is excellent you can't not enjoy Modern Warfare online, hours of fun!!!

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