Sunday, 11 October 2009

The history of Games 1950-1970

The first ever game was made through the use of army mainframe computers, it was very basic, lacking the complexity that is used in gaming production today. Although games were unimpressive up to this point, the creation of something that could be played with the use of technology was unprecedented. Games were made one after the other from the 1950's-1970's, although there were no real breakthroughs until the late 1970's.

The first "game" was made by a man called Thomas T. Goldsmith, JR. in 1948. The game simulated missle fire upon a target, it was of course very basic, as this game was made with military computers, one can presume that the game was made to try and aid that of the U.S. army. This perhaps hold significance because the 2nd world war had just ended, every facetion felt the need to strengthen their military prowess (although I speculate!)

In 1952 "OXO" was made, this was created by A.S. Douglas at the university of Cambridge, it tested human-computer interaction. This basically tested the player against the computer, it was scientific research and perhaps not created for pleasure or enjoyment but im sure users enjoyed the experience at the time.

In 1961 a game called "Spacewar!" was created. this was the first independant game that pitted two players against each other. Apparently it was the first influential computer game ever created. Another area of significance suurounding this game is the time in which the game was produced, the space race began in 1957 and the first human to go into space was a Russian in 1961. It was noticeable that the game reflected the goings on of the time.

The first game that I ever played was "Donkey Kong - Diddy Kong's Quest" in 1997 it wasn't a choice of my ownto purchase the game but that of my mothers for mine and my brothers birthday. Obviously I played this game for fun, it solely is the reason I play video games to this very day!!!

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