Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The history of Games 1980's-1990's

The next step within the gaming and computing revolution happend from the beginning of the 1980's onwards. At this time the presence of arcade games was on the increase. Popularity of gaming was on the rise, people were playing games for enjoyment and perhaps the challenge of the game. Im sure arcade games were widely enjoyed by many, but more than none the best form of socialites.... Pub goers'!!!! (Mike :D)
The fist noticeable arcade game was made in 1980, "Pacman" was a 2d arcade game that made the user control a moon shaped character that ate dots and fruit, the aim of the game was to eat all the dots and avoid the ghosts. All in all it was and still is a very addictive game. Another arcade game that interests me is that of "Donkey Kong" which was released in 1981, it was again a simple 2d game, which pitted "jumpman" (Super Mario) against Donkey Kong. Giant monkey vs. 3 foot plumber, always good!!!
The final arcade game that i feel the need to talk about is that of "Paper Boy" made by Atari, it basically involved the user by making them play as a paper boy on a bike delivering papers. This to me is highly comical as the main objective of the game is to deliver papers! It's not awe inspiring but more bizarre as the game can be marketed to different audiences, could you imagine children earning money on actual paper rounds to then burn their money to play a game which makes you deliver papers!!! The mind boggles!!
Multiple new platforms were released between the 80's and the 90's, The best platform released in my opinion was the "NES" produced by Nintendo. Other examples of platforms are the "Atari ST" and the "Commodore Amiga" Marketing was and still is very competitive I'm sure that when people realised money could be made from making games, competition would surely ensue.
Toward the end of the 80's platforms, improved and consoles became more 3d. Consoles like the snes, N64 and later on the playstation set the stage for the 3d consoles that we play today.
The next game in my gaming history that i played was on playstation after the Snes, "frogger" was probably one of the first games i played on the PS1. I spent an awful lot of time on "Command and Conquer Red Alert" that seriously gave me hours of fun, I even play the RTS's on the 360 today. I also remember the sheer terror and the tremendously bad acting in "resident evil 1" I love all the resident evil games merely for the way they push the player to be resourceful and investigate every corner.

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