Friday, 8 January 2010

Creativity Wk12

OK lets talk creativity!!!

I suppose creativity has many different forms and shapes, creativity can be an idea that you have when your walking down the road to your local shop, creativity can be the local statue of a coal miner, it could even be that painting you've got on your wall that your grandad painted back in his hay-day. The main thing with creativity is how it is perceived, does the viewer see it as creative??
There have been many artists throughout the last century that have produced art that is controversial but it has been submitted and so someone out there must find it influential and perhaps creative.

As an artist I myself am influenced by the cubist period, I don't really know why i was drawn to the Cubist movement, I loved the use of shape and colour involved within the artwork but I also appreciated the geometry in the artwork as well perhaps I thought that the use of shape in the picture was creative but I had to think about what the picture had within it for me to appreciate it more.
I suppose creativity is all a state of mind, or more perhaps someones opinion within their state of mind, its also more of a masses sort of thing, if a group of people like something or something is liked by many people it will be seen as creative and it will also be liked.

I think creativity has many different faces within the gaming market, perhaps gaming or rather the production of a game reflects that of creativity, every area of game production from its start to it finish flows with creativity, conceptual art work screams creativeness, 3D work character and level design is also creative because 1 it is artistic and realistic at the same time, this to me is creative because of the amount of time and effort someone has spent creating this masterpiece it is almost like creating artwork, and waiting to see how many people like it eventually leading to a rating.

How do I as an artist be perceived as creative, well I suppose I need the fundamentals first, as Chris keeps saying, to be good in this industry you must be amazing at the basics, but I would imagine that this wouldn't do on its own, to truly become creative I would have to produce good pieces of work and impress my superiors. Saying all this though would I really have to do all that to be classed as creative? Is it a state of mind or people's opinion that define someones creativeness?

Understanding creativity and making something creative revolves around cleverness and interesting people in the area the you are working in, but its also the way someone presents their work and he style in which they produce their work, in my honest opinion i don't think creativity can be measured easily, but there are many forms of creativity out there and each is unique in its own way.

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