Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Snow and The Cold!!!

I thought I would take the time to explain about the difficulties and advantages of working in the snow.
Well first off its bloody freezing so it makes it incredibly hard to keep warm, and as a result you can't really draw as well as you could within warmer conditions. Obvious I know, but I can't really rave on how much this is a hindrance on presenting work, I really struggled at bradgate to produce anything and significance merely because of the weather.

Advantages within the limitations of the cold weather are that different scenes can be created, and colder colours can give a colder scene, emphasis can also be seen in warmer areas of the piece, with the use of warm colours. Claude Monet used hot and cold colours to emphasise shade and scene in his paintings, some of this can be seen in his paintings in the snow, but he was also good at painting normal hot and cold scenes.

colder tones are produced in blue and warmer colours are used in the wall and ground.

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